• February Newsletter 2017

    This Month our meeting will be on Thursday February 9 from Noon to 2:30PM at Our Saviors Lutheran Church; 4831 Grand Ave, Duluth MN  (218-624-3648). The Health Ministry team will be our hosts.  Lunch will be served.

    IF you are renewing your Basic Life Support with Penny LaBerge. This group will meet at 8:30am at the church in the library on the first level. Penny will make arrangements for you to receive your booklet.  This will be from 8:30am to 11:45am. Contact Penny at 218-525-6625 or  parishnurse@lakeviewcovenant.org

    PROGRAM: Teresa Chicoine, Sales Executive, Medicare and Medica.  Teresa will review Medica DUAL Solution-Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO). An option for people 65 years and who receive Medical Assistance and Medicare.   This should be interesting to those with larger senior congregation populations.


    From South: Take 35 North to Grand Ave Exit, make a Left and continue to 48th Ave We

    From North: Take 35 south to 40th Ave West, make a left on Grand. Travel down to 48th Ave W – church will be on your right.

    From Range area; Take 53 down hill to 35 W South – exit on 40th Ave west and follow instructions above.


    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. . . He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs3:5-6

    Remember those in prayer on their birthday – What a wonderful gift!

    2  Camille Murphy                                14 Jeanne Nesheim-Hendrickson

    5  Diane Erickson                                16 Roseanne Schomber

    6  Rosemary Lamson                                  Faye Mobilia

    24 Nancy Christensen

    Keep in your prayers:

    • Pray for those that have this ministry on their hearts; to serve their faith community
    • New opportunities our funding has provided for us.
    • Those with family members who suffer from Mental Illness and other Chronic Diseases




    Program Planning Helps: – – Just a Few suggestions, go to www.health.gov  OR www.nationalwellness.org           


    American Heart Month:   www.heart.org

    National Children’s Dental Health Month:  ncdhm@ada.org

    AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month:  Media@aao.org

    Wise Health Consumer Month:  www.healthylife.com

    February 3: National Wear Red Day:  www.hearttruth.gov  or www.womenheart.org

    February 4:  World Cancer Day:  info@worldcancerday.org

    February 12-18  Random Acts of Kindness Week:  www.randomactsofkindness.org

    Feb 21- 26: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week  www.nedawareness.org


    National Kidney Month:  www.kidney.org

    National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month:  www.preventcancer.org

    National Nutrition Month:  nnm@eatright.org  or www.eatright.org/nnm

    March 6 – 13: National Sleep Awareness Week  www.sleepfoundation.org

    March 9, World Kidney Day;   www.worldkidneyday.org

    March 20:  National Native American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day:  www.nnhaad.org

    March 22:  American Diabetes Alert Day  www.diabetes.org/in-my-community/programs/alert-day


    Alcohol Awareness Month:  www.ncaadd.org

    National Distracted Driving Awareness Month:  www.nsc.org


    Do you Need a Recertification in CPR? Penny LaBerge did a few classes for us last year and is willing to do the same this spring. The certificate is good for 2years –  Please let me know (my contact info is at end of newsletter) OR contact Penny at Lakeview Covenant Church (218-525-6625)


    Care Transition Program – –

    I hope you have had a chance to listen-in on the conference calls from Dr Coleman’s staff ; there has been some good tips and info.

    St Luke’s Discharge Planning office 249-5699 has some extra forms and documents if you need them,  (Ask for Heather Palladino).  Even if you have people admitted to Essentia or other hospital systems – keep up your skills by being a Transitions Coach to them.  There have been some recent requests for our Professional Listing of PN’s in the region. If you do get any referral calls – PLEASE let me know for our records.  Thanks!


    Please take note of the Projects we have coming forward:

    1. With the Rural Aging Initiative Grant (Northland Foundation) – Our grant came to an end with this project. A lot of learning and tools were offered within this time frame. Thank you for your suggestions of items for a LENDING LIBRARY. At the Jan. meeting I had the GriefShare and DivorceCare DVD small/support group programs on display.  I purchased 3 copies of the DVD,  “Being Mortal” based on the best seller by Dr. Atul Gawande,  through PBS (approx 60min).  This would be a great Conversation started for adult education. You should have also received another “tool/resource”.  ALSO: Care Notes: Turning to a Parish Nurse for Help and Support!
    2. Our “Live Well at Home” grant from Dept. of Human Services for a Dementia and Communities of Faith (training and program tools).You have been asked to report on the screening tool results each quarter. Please know that your participation is very valuable in this grant process. PLAN now for the NEW YEAR in presenting this to your adult groups in your congregation. Add an Advance Directive opportunity at the end, or as a follow up. If you need a copy of the Pre/Post Tests – please let me know.  See the Tools/resources we received at the last PN meeting.

    There are some Dementia Helps attached in this issue.

    UPCOMING Events/Educational Opportunities:

    February 9th: Parish Nurse Meeting at

    Feb 6 –March 27th: Foundations of Faith Community Nursing  ONLINE course through Augustana Univ

    of Sioux Falls, SD.

    Feb 15: WELLNESS SUMMIT  11:30am to 1:30PM at Holiday Inn,  Duluth. NEED to Register if you

    would like to attend:  Contact Georgia Lane:  glane@ardc.org  Parish Nurses were invited.

    Feb 15 & 16: Bereavement Support Group Facilitator Training, Space is limited. $250 to attend. Held at

    St Mary’s/Essentia Duluth. To register or more info: 218-786-4402 / griefcenter@essentiahealth.org

    March 9: PN Meeting in Cloquet

    March (early part of month): 3/27 – 5/19 on line Foundations Course with June 8-9 onsite dates.  $550.

    This is through Augustana University – Sioux Falls, SD  (605)322-3384  Paula Lubeck for more info.

    April 3- 7: (M-F, 9am to 5pm) Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course in St Paul. Through Faith Community Nurse Network $450/person

    April 21 & 22, 2017: Westberg Symposium Regional location will be in Lansing MICHIGAN


    FREE online self-study program: “Beyond the 50%: It starts with Blood Pressure Measurement”. This is a one-CEU program (free up to June 2017) that you can access by going to www.wisconsinnurses.org/beyond-the-50/


    THRIVENT  Reminder:

    Are you a member of Thrivent Financial who is eligible to direct Choice Dollars?

    You and Your Choice Dollars recommendation can make a world of difference to OUR Organization. Look for Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association to direct your dollars. Go to Thrivent.com/thriventchoice to find us OR Call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after

    the prompt.  Thank you to those who give so generously!

    Be sure to put this in your church bulletins to remind your congregates!

    Thank you to all those that have made contributions to our organization.  It is so appreciated.


    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for UMD Pharmacy Students

    Wondering if you could help me….. I need people to come to UMD so that my students can practice talking with patients and reviewing their medications.  It’s a great opportunity for folks to gain a better understanding of their medications and

    Volunteers would need to bring their current medication list (both over the counter and prescription medications).  Some even bring their “bag o’ drugs”.

    Each 45-60 minute visit would be private with 3 students and 1 licensed pharmacist.  Students would review list, ask/answer questions, and do a blood pressure check.  In about three weeks, the volunteer would receive a letter in the mail describing what was discussed, as well as a short letter that could be brought to their physician (at the discretion of the volunteer).

    We need two volunteers for each of the time slots (4:30pm and 5:30pm) on the following Mondays (total of 4 volunteers for each date)

    February 6,  March 6,  and  April 10

    Please have interested volunteers call  Anna at 218-726-6026

    Thanks and please don’t hesitate to call me if there are any questions.  KB

    Karen MS Bastianelli,  PharmD      218-726-6026,   bast0067@d.umn.edu

    Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, Assistant Professor

    Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences, UMD- College of Pharmacy

    January Meeting Highlights

    Our January Meeting guests included:

      Sam Singer and Mary Junnila from  Lighthouse Center for Vision Loss: 218-624-4828

    The contact for MN Aging eyes initiative (getting a kit of introductory low vision aids from the state) – webpage with info on the program:http://mn.gov/deed/job-seekers/blind-visual-impaired/partners/aging-eyes.jsp#1

    Cindy Kauffman is in charge of the project, she can be reached directly at cindy.kauffman@state.mn.us or you can call the ssb office at 651-539-2276. She does trainings around the state and may be interested in connecting with the parish nurses as a group. She may also be able to provide individual one-on-one training or have the senior services unit counselor assigned to the arrowhead provide training.

    The general senior services unit phone number is 651-539-2325 but you may have better luck contacting the senior services counselor we partner closely with, Amy McClellan at 218-302-8418 or amy.mcclellan@state.mn.us.

    Lee Swenson, Volunteer Coordinator, ARDC, Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging:

      1-800-333-2433   There were 2 questions from the group – Lee sent me the answers.

    Questions one:  Where do we find more details on the annual wellness checks?

    Go to www.medicare.gov and do a search for “Medicare Wellness Check” and you go to this page for a quick recap: https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/preventive-visit-and-yearly-wellness-exams.html

    If you want to order a quick reference card go to www.medicare.gov and click on the blue button, on the far right of the top tool bar, entitled, “forms, help, and resources” and in the “keyword or id” search box type in:

    ‘11420’ for the handy reference card, “are you up-to-date on your preventive services?” Where you can either download the card to read / print or you order some free copies.

    ‘10110’ for a 32-page booklet, “Your Guide to Medicare’s Preventive Services” and download to read / print or you order some free copies.


    Question two: What are the phone numbers in Superior, Wisconsin, for something like the Senior Linkage Line®?

    Medicare and statewide resources (Wisconsin SHIP)1-800-242-1060

    Senior Connections (Superior, WI):                            1-715-394-3611

    Aging and Disabilities Resources Center (ARDC) of Douglas County:


    Hope this is helpful. I will bring any extra handouts from the meeting as well.

    Let Your Heart Be Broken

    Let your heat be broken for a world in need, feed the mouths that hunger, soothe the wounds that bleed; give the cup of water and the loaf of bread, be the hands of Jesus, serving in his stead.

    Here on earth applying principles of love, visible expression God still rules above, living illustration of the living Word to the minds of all who’ve never seen and heard.

    Blest to be a blessing, privileged to care, challenged by the need apparent everywhere, where the world is wanting fill the vacant place, be the means through which the Lord reveals his grace.

    Add to your believing deeds that prove it true, knowing Christ as Savior, make him Master too; follow in his footsteps, go where he has trod, in the world’s great trouble risk yourself for God.

    Let your hear be tender and your vision clear, rouse yourself to action, serve God far and near. Let your heart be broken by another’s pain, share your rich resources, give and give again.

    (Covenant Hymnal #642; Bryan Jeffery Leech)

    Thank you for all you do to bring the Love of Christ to those in need

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