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    October 2015

    October 6&7 Mental Health Event


    This event is being held during Mental Illness Awareness Week.  Please make plans to attend and bring your pastor(s) and lay leaders in preparation of being able to serve those with this type of chronic illness. Make your reservations TODAY!  (I have to get numbers in for food prep.)

    This is being sponsored by a grant from the Miller Dwan Foundation and added funding from Merrill Lynch (Seih/Yung Group) to host our speakers.

    Tuesday Evening is for the general community as an awakening to mental illness 6:30pm. Wednesday is specifically geared towards communities of faith, 8:15 registration/workshop begins at 9am ends at noon.  (3 CEU’s)

    All events will be held at the Inn on Lake Superior; 350 Canal Park Dr.


    Come all the way into Duluth, Lake Ave Exit – head on to Canal Park. See you there!


    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. . . He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs3:5-6

    Remember those in prayer on their birthday – What a wonderful gift!

    6  Gale Pearson                                    25 Julie Phaneuf  Hill

    10 Mary Ann Kult                   26 Beth Ronning

    28 Marianne Fightlin


    Keep in your prayers:

    • Pray for those that have this ministry on their hearts; to serve their faith community
    • Pray for a successful Community Event and OPEN conversations around Mental Illness.
    • Mary Ann Hanson: NEWLY Trained Parish Nurse at Messiah Lutheran – Mt Iron.
    • New opportunities our funding has provided for us.
    • Those with family members who suffer from Mental Illness




    Program Planning Helps: – – Just a Few suggestions, go to www.health.gov  OR www.nationalwellness.org           


    Alzheimer’s Association Walk Month – Duluth and Brainerd Walks in Sept   www.alz.org

    Health Literacy Month:  www.healthliteracymonth.org

    Healthy Lung Month:   American Lung Association     www.lungusa.org

    Domestic Violence Awareness Month:  www.nrcdv.org

    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month:  www.nationalbreastcancer.org

    National Liver Awareness Month: www.liverfoundation.org

    Oct 4-10:  National Mental Illness Awareness Weekwww.healthyminds.org  OR  www.nami.org/miaw

    Oct 10: World Mental Health Day.  www.wfmh.org

    Oct 18-24:  National Health Education Week;   www.sophe.org/NHEW.cfm


    American Diabetes Month:  www.diabetes.org

    Great American Smoke Out (11/19) and Lung Cancer Awareness Month (same site): www.cancer.org

    National Family Caregivers Month: www.nfcacares.org

    National Hospice and Palliative Care Month:  www.nhpco.org

    Nov 13: World Kindness Day:  www.randomactsofkindness.org

    Nov 15: America Recycles Day:  www.americarecyclesday.org

    Nov 21: International Survivors of Suicide Day: www.afsp.org/survivorday


    International AIDS Awareness Month:  www.aidsalliance.org/

    Safe Toys and Gifts Month: www.preventblindness.org

    Dec 6-12: National Hand Washing Awareness Week:  www.henrythehand.com

    National Influenza Vaccination Week: www.cdc.gov/flu/nivw/


    Other resources that you can sign up for:

    Journal of Christian Nursing, National Institute of Health  www.nih.gov , or for Health Observances (like those listed), go to:  www.healthfinder.gov/nho


    Some of you have had questions about food safety instruction in your church kitchens – here are 2 resources other parish nurses from our region use;     www.fsis.usda.org     AND



    Care Transition Program – –

    I hope you have had a chance to listen-in on the conference calls; there has been some good tips and info.  Remember, our St Luke’s Contact is Lois Opseth RN- Discharge Advocate in the Discharge Planning office 249-5699 OR lois.opseth@slhduluth.com, Outside beeper number 218-249-8020.  She has our Professional Listing. PHR forms are printed and available in the Case Manager office on 2W – (Just outside the 2W main doors)

    Our Contact at Mercy Hosp in Moose Lake is Donita Korpela 218-380-4916.

    After a full year:  8 Congregations have participated, 30 patients have been seen with 26 successfully completing 30 days without a readmit.    We still have a long way to go! System changes are a challenge.


    Special Thank you – 

    Generous Financial Donations were received from:

    Lester Park United Methodist Church: Just to say Thank you!

         Marianne & Steve Snyder: In Honor/Memory of Leonard Snyder.



    UPCOMING Events/Educational Opportunities:

    Oct 6 & 7: Mental Health Community Event (evening 10/6) –On 10/7: Special Congregational

    component  ½ day (10/7)  – Will be held at the Inn on Lake Superior

    Oct 15 & 16: St Louis County Health and Human Service Conference –

    www.stlouiscountymn.gov/hhsconference   for more info and registration information.

    Oct 15:Neuromuscular & Neurodegenerative Disorders –Conference at Radisson Hotel. 8am -3:30,

    6CEU’s – Info/registration:  www.pesihealthcare.com  or 1800-844-8260   $170

    Oct 16-17 : PN Renewal at Luther Sem in St Paul  – Speakers and Curriculum Updates (see below)

    Oct 20& 21: Covenant Faith Community Nurse Annual Retreat at Covenant Pines Bible Camp,

    McGregor. “Confidence in God’s Call”, (8 CEU’s) $60 more details contact Corrine at 651-356-6487.

    OR If interested in Carpooling – Contact Pam 722-5451

    Oct 21: The Longest Loss; Alz Disease and Dementia – St Mary’s Hospice – East Range – Will

    be held in Virginia, McMillan Auditorium – Noon to 4pm  – CEU’s available.

    Oct 22: Advance Care Planning-NE MN will be presenting Cathy Wurzer “Art of Dying/Living While

    Dying”.  $10 for CEU  – See attached Trifold brochure.

    Oct 27: APNA Board Meeting at First Covenant.

    Nov 2: Managing Challenging Patient & Family Behaviors: Conference at Holliday Inn Hotel/Suites.

    8am -4pm. 6.3CEU’s, Info/registration: www.pesihealthcare.com or 1-800-844-8260  $199.00

    Nov 12 Parish Nurse Meeting – Watch for location/details.

    Nov 17-18-19: Spiritual Companion Offerings in different locations – SEE BELOW.

    February 2016– the next Parish Nurse Prep Course through Concordia (2/22-26/16)


    Oct 16-17 – Parish Nurse Renewal at Luther Seminary – Go to the Luther Sem Site to register.

    Cost increases after Sept 15th!  9.7 CEU’s – – I plan on going if anyone would like to carpool!



    November Spiritual Companion Series this year will be: Spiritual Friends and Companions on the Dementia Road – Exploring the importance of hospitality and companionship for the person living with dementia and their family and offering practical ideas to express spiritual companionship in a variety of settings    (All locations will be 8Am to Noon)

    November 17: Spiritual Companions Series in Virginia (watch for more info)

    November 18: Spiritual Companions Series in Grand Rapids (watch for more info)

    November 19: Spiritual Companion Series in Duluth (watch for more Info)

    God has put more pieces together than could be imagined – We received our Grant for Dementia Care in the Congregation – this will be a great “Companion” piece to helping those with dementia feel welcome.


    St Louis County Public Health and Human Services Aging and Adult Disabilities:

    Support and Information is available to anyone 60 and older OR anyone who has been determined disabled. Services include information and assistance in accessing community resources, an individual evaluation to determine the need and eligibility for long term services and case management.

    Duluth Office:  218-726-2063 Aging and Adult Disabilities

    218-726-2101 Financial Assistance.

    Virginia Office:  218-471-7128 Human Services (ask for Aging and Adult Disabilities)

    218-471-7137 Financial Assistance


    Please take note of the Projects we have coming forward:

    1. With the Rural Aging Initiative Grant (Northland Foundation) – we are able to provide a Scholarship for Parish Nurse Preparation – Please pass this on!!

    Check out our NEW Website and Facebook Page – – Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association

    1. Transitions Coach program still ongoing.
    2. Upcoming Mental Health COMMUNITY and Church Event in OCTOBER 6 & 7. Grant dollars were received from Miller Dwan Foundation and assistance from Merrill Lynch to execute this educational piece for the community at large, our pastors and lay leaders.
    3. A grant was submitted to the “Live Well at Home – Dept of Human Services” for a Dementia and Communities of Faith (training and program tools) we DID receive this grant! Watch for program ideas and training this fall/winter. Please know that your participation will be very valuable in this grant process and education for our congregations. Some of your communities are working on ACT on Alzheimer’s – Be a part of the process when asked.


    THRIVENT  Reminder:

    Are you a member of Thrivent Financial who is eligible to direct Choice Dollars?

    You and Your Choice Dollars recommendation can make a world of difference to OUR Organization. Look for Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association to direct your dollars. Go to Thrivent.com/thriventchoice to find us OR Call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after

    the prompt.

    Be sure to put this in your church bulletins to remind your congregates!


    Bridge to Health Survey: Important to your Community

    In September, thousands of Northland households received the 2015 Bridge to Health Survey.  This survey, which has been conducted every five years since 1995, seeks to answer the all-important question “how healthy is the northland?”  The comprehensive survey includes questions related to physical and mental health, nutrition, exercise, tobacco and alcohol use, dental care, insurance coverage, access to care, and emergency preparedness.

    Area hospitals, clinics, public health, community organizations and others depend on the information collected in this survey to improve targeted health issues.

    It is vital that those who are randomly selected to receive the survey complete it.  Surveys will be mailed to residents in Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Lake, Koochiching, Pine, and St. Louis County in Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin.  All survey responses are confidential.

    Over 60 health and community organizations in the region are working together to conduct the survey, including the APNA.       More information is available at bridgetohealthsurvey.org



    Our September Kick-Off meeting:

    WOW! Great turn out. Thank you to all of you that made the effort to attend. Marcia and Terry fed us well! Our guests included: Kevin Walsh, PA who was hired at CHUM to be their health specialist. – Tania McVean, Director of Marketing at Bayshore (218-727-8651) who gave us info on the care they do at Bayshore and also gave us a list of TOPICS that can be addressed by their staff.  These presentations can be altered to fit any need. Fall Prevention, Mobility/Walker Safety, Home Safety, Arthritis Exercises, Back Care and Safety, Cardiac Wellness, Staying Social, Dementia vs Alzheimer’s, Advanced Directives, When do I need a nursing home/nursing home benefits.


    Our Program Presenter: Rachel Johnson 218-727-8353 or rjohnson@firstwitness.org (Multidisciplinary Team/Outreach Coordinator at First Witness Child Advocacy Center) did a great job of presenting the Mandatory Reporting and giving us some data, and “pearls” from her presentation.  Here is the number you need to have available:  218-726-2012 – St Louis County Initial Intervention unit – after 4:30 call 911.  If anything parents need to trust their “gut’ instinct. I have attached a sample of Salem Covenant Church’s policy. Rachel also gave me a link to web resource that she recommended for congregations starting to consider to write policies around preventing abuse/responding to abuse:  http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/PreventingChildSexualAbuse-a.pdf

    Rachel is happy to work with any congregations or churches that want technical assistance on these types of issues/protocol development.


    ALSO out of this meeting those present really liked our NEW LOGO – I have attached it for the active parish nurses to use as a logo for newsletters/health events/business cards.

    Thank you  – –


    Congregation Dialogues on Aging, Disability, and Caregiving

    Buddy Robinson is Director of the Citizens Federation and wanted me to share this info with you and also to let you know he will come and speak to groups on Social Security, Medicare, etc.

    The Citizen’s Federation is a local non-profit, non-partisan charity organization and is willing to make presentations and host discussions in a useful way. Read on – – –


    Members of every congregation face, at various time, issues of aging, sickness, permanent disability, and cargiving – either needing it for themselves, or needing to care for a loved one; if not now, then in the future. Very often, dealing with these issues involves financial burdens regarding medical or other care, and adequate income to pay for these needs.

    In our society, we have 3 national programs which play a key role in meeting these financial and medical needs for everyone: Social Security, Medicare (for elderly and disabled), and Medicaid (for those with low incomes). Everyone depends on them, and that’s why they’re referred to as our national “safety net”.

    However, many doubts have been cast about the future of these programs, especially for our children and grandchildren. There are many gloomy, pessimistic predictions about the ability of these programs to survive into the future. However, many of the facts about these programs and their financial status are actually not well known. The truth can lead people to become optimistic, and become engaged together to protect and even expand these important resource for all our families.                           Call Buddy at 218-727-0207,  buddy@citizensfed.org


    Mental Illness and Families of Faith Resource Guide

    Rev Susan Gregg-Schroeder, Coordinator of Mental Health Ministries


    People with mental problems are our neighbors. They are members of our congregations, members of our families; they are everywhere in this country. If we ignore their cries for help, we will be continuing to participate in the anguish from which those cries of help come. A problem of this magnitude will not go away. Because it will not go away, and because of our spiritual commitments, we are compelled to take action.                        Rosalynn Carter


    Come along with me as a sojourner in faith.

    Bring along a sense of expectancy, a vision of high hopes, and a glimpse of future possibility

    a vivid imagination.

    For God’s creation is not done.


    We are called to pioneer forth toward a future yet unnamed.

    As we venture forward, we leave behind our desires for a no-risk life,

    worldly accumulation, certainty of answers.


    Let us travel light in the spirit of faith and expectation toward the God of our hopes and dreams.

    Let us be a witness to God’s future breaking in.

    Come along with me as a sojourner in faith, secure in knowledge that we never travel alone.

    Rev Susan Gregg-Schroeder




    If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me,

    218- 310-0613 (Cell phone)    OR   218-722-5451 (First Covenant Church)


    Pam Franklin – Parish Nurse Coordinator/ Director

    Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association

    PO BOX 16328

    Duluth, MN 55816

    Parish Nurse Information from the International PN Resource Center:  www.parishnurses.org

    OR       ipnrc@churchhealthcenter.org   The Church Health Center is the home for the PN Center

    OUR NEW Website:  www.arrowheadparishnurses.org

    Like us on Facebook as well! Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association


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